Lady Gaga’s iTunes Festival Performance Wows, Even If She Remains Insufferable

Lady Gaga is truly one of the easiest to hate pop stars out there at the moment, (or ever really). Her completely delusional viewpoints mixed with her hypocritical actions make her both extremely hard to relate to and like. Granted, she has a bunch of little monsters who adore her, though anyone with sense can clearly see this woman is a human train wreck with a God complex.


All that bashing aside, Gaga’s Swinefest performance for the iTunes Festival last weekend was pretty damn epic. She performed 8 new songs from her upcoming album ARTPOP, (one of which is a sequel to Telephone, and one of which will be the next single), and for the most part they were amazing. Standout’s Aura and Swine are both edgy alternative slices of dance pop that feel completely Gaga. Sex Dreams is a solid dance pop number and gay boy crowd-pleaser, while I Wanna Be With You was a solid, if unspectacular ballad. Jewels & Drugs featuring a shitload of rappers, (in an effort to ride on the new trend of wanksta urban Miley bangwagon), was the real standout of the night though. It was a ratchet ass mess in a similar fashion to her iconic Cake Like Lady Gaga track from a few months ago. The lone dud of the night was the title track ARTPOP.


Of course this wouldn’t be a Lady Gaga concert without her being totally pretentious and hypocritical. She came out multiple times to chat with the crowd about how she doesn’t care about success, or fame, or good reviews. She told the crowd she would do anything for her fans. She took her wig off to “show off the real Gaga”, a statement so ironic you could write a thesis on it. Besides her manipulating Billboard charts and keeping an hourly eye on iTunes sales charts, the bitch couldn’t give a shit about success or money! I am just glad I like the music to be honest though. After the mess of her last LP Born This Way, I couldn’t even say that much.


Grade: 8/10



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