Ariana Grande’s “Yours Truly” Album Review


Where did this girl come from? Granted, at my age I am out of the loop with tween sensations, (wait, no I am not sadly), so I shouldn’t know the answer to that question, but somehow even with my sick love of tween bubble gum I still missed where this chick came from. Apparently the legend goes that after Mariah Carey lost her baby weight for her Jenny Craig commercials, the extra mass formed into Ariana Grande. Welcome the second coming of Mariah!


Ariana’s album Yours Truly plays out like a truly bland pop record from a lyrical sense. Each song is about how she loves some guy, and not in a Taylor Swift kind of way; these are truly the blandest of bland lyrics about love. Think: ‘boy I love you, yes I do, you’re who I love, you’re from above’ style lyrical blandness. All the emotional resonance comes from Ariana’s vocal ability. She somehow sells this musical equivalent of stale bread from yesterdays batch as fresh and flavorful like some sort of out of this world used cars sales person.


The tracks follow a strict formula of recreating mid-90’s R&B faithfully, (lead single The Way literally sounds exactly like Thalia’s I Want You), and half of the tracks sound exactly the same, but somehow it works. The lone dance track on the album Better Left Unsaid, (which is oddly not out of place among the R&B jams), comes across like if Leona Lewis and Fatman Scoop collaborated on a song together. Pretty brilliant. I plan to keep an eye on this chick.


Grade: 7/10


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