I Am Living Vicariously Through #HYPE & Rasmus Thude’s Flawless “10 Shots”


Behold the most realistic drunken day out captured in a music video in ages. Some Danish group called #Hype has teamed up with Danish underrated icon Rasmus Thude to release the glorious ode to alcohol 10 Shots. I am slayed more than words can describe. The entire video is them holding a hand held camera and filming drunken Scandinavian people drinking alcohol. Flawless! Let me just take notes so I can plan my upcoming weekend accordingly.


Just as lord Thude sang in his timeless classic LLL (Love, Liquor, Lick It), (which as the embedded video shows was mistaken by the masses for a Justin Timberlake song, but as if! It was way better than any of the soggy shit JT puts out), this is “sexiness all day.” Witness the glory below:


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