Miley Cyrus Snatches Every and All Wigs With an Iconic VMA Performance

After reviewing the lady Slayrus’ new single Racket Ball and being less than impressed, Miley restores my faith in humanity again. Miley showed off her true talents as the queen of pop with her earth shattering VMA performance last Sunday, and the effects can still be felt days later. Miley pops out of a giant bear with her tongue out, bends over for the crowd, takes a foam finger and fingers herself, and remains flawlessly pitchy all while belting her timeless classic We Can’t Stop. Miley, being the gracious queen she is, then allows some flop Make-A-Wish Foundation contest winner named Ruben Thick, (who was dressed as if he has just escaped a PIMP prison), to join her on stage while she sings his song Turd Lines better than he does. Now that Miley has made Ruben Thick relevant for 15 minutes, I hope he takes this oppertunity to make something of himself.
With all the haters bandwagoning against Miley because they aren’t true music lovers and can’t grasp what true art is, I was worried it could effect Miley’s sales in a negative way. But fear not, she’s slaying the charts! We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball are both top 5 on iTunes, with Wrecking Ball planted at no1 immediately after her wig snatching performance. Katy over took her later on as expected, but the good lady Slayrus is still making those dollaz.
 Press hater bitches be like:
Everyone in the crowd must feel so fortunate to have witnessed history being made before their eyes. Not since Britney Spears truly iconic 2007 Gimme More performance has something so legendary unfolded before our eyes. I am so glad to be alive in 2013, as when I am old I can proudly say, “yes, I was there when Miley snatched every wig including Gaga’s multiple Applause wigs with one foul twerk.” Today is a good day. Thank you Miley for giving me this iconic gift and restoring my will to go on.
Grade: 7000/10
Head over to MTV’s website to witness the glory by clicking here.

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