Jem’s “Zoom” is Generically Awesome

Swedish group Jem have released their generic as hell first single Zoom, and it has changed my life for the better. With it’s EDM backing beat and it’s Akon knock-off rap verses, I live with each trashy thump of the bass. Nothing about this musical masterpiece is at all original. Dare I say it, it’s nearly out of date? But who cares? I could burn up-to 1000 calories on the treadmill blasting this on repeat. When will your favs?
The music video is just as generic and trashy as the track itself. While the fashion is actually on point and the sets go down easily for viewing, it has a throw away quality to it that I live for. Making braces look gangsta? Iconic. The entire video plays out like a mainstream hipster Alex Saidac video before she went all real hipster on our asses. The void has been officially filled! It also has sparkles of cheap knock-off K-pop video influence here and there. Standing in front of a random car? Check. Dance break down? Check. H&M sales rack fashion? Check. Random sets you can’t quite identify? Double check. In all, we have new Swedish legends on our hands.
Grade: 8/10
(Video won’t embed due to legal issues, so click here to watch the glory)

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