Ricky Martin’s “Come With Me” Video is Generic But Somehow That’s Okay With Me


King Ricky Martin has released a bunch of videos for his new single Come With Me, and they are all basically the same except the lyrics change depending on which language you prefer. I personally enjoy the track, though I am well aware of how basic it is. I can’t imagine this becoming a hit anywhere besides a few random European and Latin territories. The “oh oh oh” chanting during the chorus is very catchy though.


The video is extremely simple. Ricky is in a club with a bunch of people partying. There is nothing noteworthy about this video. Ricky doesn’t even dance. It all plays out more like he did a random show in a Vegas one night and someone recorded it. Perhaps I am just a party boy at heart, but it still satisfies. I have always been a total sucker for the clubbing concept.


I haven’t bothered to do research on if he has an album in the pipeline. I am sure he does, but when it will be out is beyond me. I will definitely check it out though.


Grade: 7/10



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