‘Torn Up, Busted, Broken Apart’: Cher Finally Releases Her “Woman’s World” Video


I have no idea what is going on with this Cher comeback. It should have destroyed everyone’s favs in one swoop, but instead it is dragging along slower than an injured Sandra Bullock crawling around at the end of The Heat. Woman’s World, Cher’s latest single, is a mess. The song leaked MONTHS before she finally released it. Now the music video is here, and it’s been another long period of time.


The song itself is generic but entertaining. I sort of got into it for a day or two back when it leaked. The video on the other hand is all kinds of ridiculousness. Cher wears a shredded news paper wig that looks plain cray. Gurl, who okayed this? The other wigs she wears are pretty decent though. Cher doesn’t dance much, understandably, so the backup dancers pick up the slack. As a whole, the video is fun for fans but won’t pimp the sales of the song.


Can Cher get this era together? After decades in the industry, one would think she would be getting proper release schedules by now.


Grade: 6/10


(No link to the video at this time as the embedding code won’t work. Will update later.)


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