P9 “Love You In Those Jeans” Video Review


Brazilian boyband P9 have released their Love You In Those Jeans video. Let us contemplate that song title for a moment, shall we? Image a hot young girl in tight jeans, booty lookin’ fine. Oooh gurl! Can you see it in your mind? Okay, perhaps females aren’t your thing. How about a sexy guy in a nice pair of fitted jeans? Heart racing yet?


With such an obviously literal title, one would expect the video to be filled with hot people in jeans. So then, why is the chick in the video in a LEATHER SKIRT? Now I get it, these boys are clearly singing phonetically. At best, they know partial English. I am 99% certain this song was purchased by their label, with no real input from the boys. That said, do they realize this song is about jeans?


The video can be summed up like this: Boys look cute, girls look cute. There are a couple hangout scenes, a skateboarding scene, and a bunch of smiling and giggling. There is even an extremely awkward denim silhouette scene, (see you do realize it’s about jeans!). It’s pretty basic stuff.


Hopefully if their next song is called “Love You In That Bikini” or something, it will actually show girls in bikinis.


Grade: 6/10



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