Midnight Red’s “Take Me Home” Video Review


Midnight Red can’t really catch a break. Their first two life changing singles were so good yet flopped harder than Xtina could dream of flopping. Now that they have had a bit of a makeover, it still seems like a lot of work before they reach any level of real fame. Take Me Home is blatant capitalization on One Direction’s fame. The song has their sound, the title shares its name with 1D’s last album, their fashion is similar, ect. So what can set these boys apart from the biggest boyband on earth? Well, these boys are sleeker for one.


The boys engage in clearly illegal and dangerous actives you’d most likely witness on an episode of MTV’s Buckwild, such as attaching a rope to a pick-up truck and using it to basically Jet Ski into a lake. Kids, do not try this at home, (or anywhere else for that matter). It’s all fun and games though, and the boys seem totally engaged in the fun. It is also nice to see some dancing. While this video concept is basically ripped straight from any number of previously used One Direction concepts, it has a much sleeker sheen to it. The boys are highly styled, they dance, they seem like a proper boyband. Where One Direction always came off as a bit messy, this is pure boyband glory.


Of course, with the boys in the middle of a forest singing about being taken home, all I could picture was them not having fun on their school camping trip and needing to be picked up by mom, (perhaps their product placed Takis chips weren’t to their liking?). Either way, the video serves its purpose. It’s kind of sad how many hurdles these boys need to overcome to become decently famous. Copying One Direction’s style probably won’t do a whole lot to further them.


Grade: 8/10



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