The Saturdays “Disco Love” Is A Flawless Britney/K-Pop Hybrid

The Saturdays have released their new single Disco Love today and just like this entire era, it has no relation to their past singles. As someone who liked Gentleman, (party of one?), I was saddened by how it flopped. Disco Love is a 180 from Gentleman just as every single has been in this sloppy 4th album era.
The Saturdays have never had their own identity. With this 4th album era, it’s gotten more obvious (and brilliant) than ever: What About Us flawlessly ripped off early Rihanna, Gentleman was a total Girl Aloud Chemistry out-take, 30 Days was Xenomania-Lite, and Disco Love continues that legacy by ripping off two artists signature style at once! New queens!
The song is a k-pop esque cluster fuck of lite Brave Brothers signature style mid-tempo disco cheese, mixed with a more modern up-tempo pop sound. It’s pretty flawless stuff. The jazzy sax and the 70s funky bass mixed with the 90s style R&B is a total rip off of the musical trend that has swept k-pop for nearly 2 years now, (many sections of the song are reminiscent of After School’s First Love and Sistar19’s Gone Not Around Any Longer). It’s all very If-Britney-Did-Kpop. 

Speaking of queen B, the song lyrics are more about Iconey than disco itself. “You take me back in time, to 1999; we hear the DJ playing ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time'” they sing over a jazzy beat. Yes bitches, bow to the HBIC, (head Britney in charge). Their “baby baby baby” sections, (which are an equivalent to Brave Brothers “na na na” sections in similar sounding kpop songs), are also an ode to multiple Britney tracks. Slay!
In my review for The Wanted’s latest release I mentioned how they were in a rut. The Saturdays seem to be in a rut with staying cohesive, but it’s kind of working for them. Disco Love is a very solid effort. Slayturdays are on a total roll!
Grade: 9/10

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