Let Me Just Sing The Praises Of Enrique Iglesias “Turn The Night Up” Video Right Now

Lord Iglesias has bestowed his heavenly Turn The Night Up video upon our unworthy souls and it completely slays. When I reviewed this song, I mentioned how cheap but decent it was. This video really changes my perspective though.
The video is similar to Miley Cyrus’ iconic We Can’t Stop and the legendary The Prodigy video for Smack My Bitch Up. It is sort of a mix of the two if you will. Enrique is seen navigating through a house party clearly white boy wasted #stupidfacedd, (if in this case Latin boy wasted?). He is dizzy and fading and clearly high as a kite on some sort of unnamed drug(s). His eyes glaze over, he loses his balance, he pukes up fireworks, he sees flashing lights, his memory and vision both go in and out, and he acts totally incoherent. It’s a very glossy, but a very realistic representation of what the experience of being loaded in a party crowd is like. Enrique impressively commits to this hot mess of a character. 
Later, when he and his booty call hit to club, there is an extremely realistic scene when he is so fucked up that he forgets he needs a ticket to enter the club. His lady friend waits for him at the top of the stairs glaring at him to pull his shit together. The video is a very accurate but very sleek account of what those hot mess party nights are like. 
Aside from Enrique’s knock out performance as a cross-faded party goer, the video editing is spectacular. The switching between 1st and 2nd person perspectives adds a realism and energy into the experience. Also, from the explosions Enrique sees to the blurry vision and inconsistent Momento-esque plot ordering, the film editing really brings this concept to life. When he blacks out, you really feel it. When he is feels extremely high, you know exactly what it’s like. Even the bathroom sex scene toward the end has realistic aspects to it. 
I know many will over look this because Gaga released her hot mess Applause video today, but hopefully this masterpiece will get the recognition it deserves. 
Grade: 10/10

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