“Twerking” Officially Renamed “The Miley Cyrus” By Ying Yang Twins


The Ying Yang Twins have officially renamed the popular dance trend formerly known as “twerking” to the now much more appropriate “Miley Cyrus Dance.” “All the Miley Cyrus’ around the world, this shit for you!” raps one of the Twins. “Miley Cyrus…the way she shake her ass got a ni$%a smilin’,” they continue, “she’s so amazing, she work the stage.” All this stanning for the queen.

I mean really who can blame them for this? Queen Miley has blessed the world with her flat ass shaking, (no cellulite to be seen!), and now the world has graciously given back to her what she has given to them. Somewhere right now, Ms Slayrus is twerking for our sins.


The song and video basically speak of the legend of how Miley changed the world with her bootyless booty shaking. Random chicks watch a Miley clone in a onesie shake it and try and emulate. Often imitated, never duplicated huntyz!


Embrace this ode to lady Slayrus:


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