Okay, I Give In: The New Avicii Song Is Hot As F%&k

I typically stay away from Avicii. His bland house beats mixed with soul formula never does much for me; he’s not raver enough I guess?
Well now that he is slaying the world with Wake Me Up, I finally am giving him another chance. Wake Me Up is so full of glory I can’t handle it.
The song flawlessly genre blends folk music with house and soul into a flawless cocktail of EDM appeal. It’s like Dolly Parton got impregnated by Tiesto on the Motown Studio’s VP’s office desk, and 9 months later they had a flawless country bumpkin glow stick baby with killer pipes. Glory!
The video on the other hand is so bad I can’t. The plot is as follows: hot girl is bullied by fugly frumpy people. Hot girl goes to a town of other hot people. Hot girl dances to Avicii music. Hot girl moves to new town of only hot people. Hot girl lives happy life. Fugly people remain miserable. Okay? So the concept of the video is that ugly people are evil, while super models are kind hearted bullied victims? Oh Avicii is this 1945? Also I find it hilarious that the two sisters in the video have different accents. The young one has an American accent, and the other super model sister is total ELS. The lyrics video is much better and suits the song more accurately.
Grade: 8/10

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One Response to Okay, I Give In: The New Avicii Song Is Hot As F%&k

  1. rohma0malik says:

    I cant get enough of wake me up either 😛 and i really love the video haha. its weird tho as the kick isnt like a kick youd expect (I mean alesso knows his kicks haha) but its something about the song which just makes it addicitve. however Aviciis recent collab with Ralph Lauren seems to be changing both his music and his videos
    Im a swedish fashion student in london and write a fashion blog. Would love it if you could check it out 🙂

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