Memory Lane: How J.Lo Slayed My Childhood

Growing up I was into an assortment of music. Okay, I was into an assortment of pop music. Spice Girls ruled my 90’s, while Britney became my queen the moment she debuted in 1998, (and she still is today). 5ive and Backstreet Boys were my favorite boy bands, Destiny’s Child’s albums were constantly on repeat, and Radio Disney and TRL were my outlets. I like J-pop and K-pop back then as well, and was way into the trashy appeal of Eurovision. If it was glossy and pop, I made it mine.
As many pop icons that were out at the time, you always had to pick favorites. Britney Spears filled this roll for the most part, but J.Lo was always close behind. Jennifer was hot, (really important when being musician), she could dance, and she lip synced flawlessly. She had a pop sheen but with a hood edge. Where Britney was my sexy manufactured blond bubble gum pop tart, Jennifer was my sexy manufactured gangsta bitch. She had rap features before they were pop staples, and somehow made remixes cool.
Both of her “Murder Remixes” of singles I’m Real and Ain’t That Funny were beyond flawless. It was my first real interest in rap music, as that was totally not my thing as a kid. Get Right, Play, Waiting For Tonight, and the iconic Jenny From The Block all bring back a floor of memories of me in my room dancing around making up my own choreography or trying to emulate hers with little to no success.
J.Lo has always been the queen of sampling, (Jenny From The Block had up to 4 samples in it alone!), and continues to make it work for her today, (On The Floor is flawlessly sampled). Her lack of artistry and over emphasis on branding appeal has always made her a favorite of mine, and also kept her pretty consistent. Sure, she took a bit of control here and there, but Jennifer knows how to brand, and clearly let those in charge create magic for her. She was first to utilize guest rappers, she was first to produce hit film and music simultaneously, she practically invented the now-obligatory celebrity clothing/fragrance line, and she revolutionized the celebrity power couple in the media, (Brangelina will always be the poor mans Bennifer). In honor of such life changing glory, here are the 5 most iconic moments in Slay.Lo’s music career according to me:
5. Get Right (from the album Rebirth)
4. Ain’t It Funny [Murder Remix] (from the album J To The L-O!)
3. I’m Real [Murder Remix] (from the album J.Lo)
2. Jenny From The Block (from the album This Is Me… Then)
1. Play (from the album J.Lo)

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