Ola Releases Lightweight Comeback Single “Maybe”, Remains a Confused Popstar

Remember when Ola was on the verge of an international breakthrough? After a string of number 1 hit singles in Sweden in a row, he released All Over The World, which took off globally. Ola took TWO YEARS to promote the shit out of that track. It was a slow promotional schedule, but it worked for the most part. The song charted all over the place and ended up being a huge club hit, (even doing well in the States). After two years went by because homeboy decided not to capitalize on his success, (well, he sure ain’t an American), he finally came back with the flawless carbon copy single I’m In Love. Sure, that track was generic as fuk, but at least he was solid. This new era had Ola really becoming a hipster. The I’m In Love music video was insanely pretentious “art”, and he became a 20x filtered-from-a-moody-angle selfie addict. Indie hipster Ola was sort of a good idea as it really set him apart from all the trashy disco part tarts ruling Sweden at the time, (Eric Saade, Danny Saucedo, Anton Ewald), and put him in a league with more heavy weight male pop singers like Darin. Then, Ola decided to promote I’m In Love for a year and a half. GORWL. The song was a moderate international hit for him again, (shockingly).
Ola has finally made another comeback with new single Maybe, and a new album on the horizon. He claims Maybe is the first single from this new album, which has me guessing that I’m In Love is the new Sky’s The Limit, (both went no1 in Sweden yet never made it on any album releases?). Typically when an artist ditches a single era it is because it was a huge flop, but of course this is Ola who is both:
1. Confused about the state of his career and musical direction, and
2. A total pretentious hipster, (bless his heart).
Maybe is a confusing song. Back when Måns Zelmerlöw released the betta-than-ya-favs-genre-swap single Broken Parts earlier this year, he transitioned from bubble gum pop tart with extra fromage to a full blown thoughtful indie icon. It would seem Ola is trying to do the same thing, but has no idea how to go about it. Maybe starts out great. The pulsating EDM opening is exactly what could give Ola an edge over his trashy peers. He could have become an Avicii-lite legend, while his peers are singing generic Saade rejects hoping for a top 40 hit with the ever mind changing 14 year old demographic. Instead, Maybe quickly ditches all the potential in favor of a really bland backing beat and old school Ola harmonies from 2 album cycles ago. This is his big comeback single, why is it so marginal?
Remember when living legend Darinsus Christ’s Lovekiller and Exit eras? Darin was an urban influenced pop star, but then released You’re Out Of My Life, and bitches everywhere wet their panties with this iconic new direction. Lush balladary Darin? KING. Then he came back with Nobody Knows, a rocking EDM club tune. It was fantastic. He didn’t half ass that shit. Darin, like Måns, was fully dedicated to his new sound and image.
If Ola wants to become some sort of international hipster icon he has a long way to go. Firstly, he needs insanely good material that is cohesive to the theme he’s actually going for both musically and stylistically. Secondly, he needs to stop that two years in between releases bull shit. I know I know, art takes time. You aren’t Lady Gaga and Maybe isn’t Applause so sit down and release ya shit already. And thirdly, he needs to bring in a team of professionals who know what they are doing. he seems to be taking the reins with these past releases, and it has been kind of a mess. I still look forward to his album as he is a very good song writer, but Maybe is just not the in-your-face comeback he needed at this time.
Grade: 5/10

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