Eric Saade’s “Forgive Me” is Completely Average, Yet Impressive For Him



Eric Saade is about to release his new album Forgive Me in a couple weeks, and has unveiled his new music video for the title track. Like I said in my review of his Coming Home EP, Eric has been working really hard to become the most nonthreatening pop star on the planet. He has gone really safe, in the hopes of becoming a breakout star internationally. But ultimately it could be his undoing.


The song is decent. Nothing really to write home about, though. His thin as a single piece of paper mache voice has always had a hard time emoting anything, and it is never more apparent than in his balladry. He doesn’t really have the pipes to tackle a sad breakup song like this, as he just ends up making it a bit forgettable. I always think it’s a bad idea when weak singers are given material suited for larger vocal ranges, as it just ends up highlighting their weaknesses.


The video is fairly decent as well. Nothing we haven’t seen before 100 times. Guy and girl argue in their fake sound stage house, (don’t we all have one of those?), and Eric sits on a coach gazing into the camera as if he is a lost puppy in a Disney animated film.


Eric needs to really step up his game. Staying within the safety lines will not bring him any international attention. So far this era is as bland as the plain white walls in his Forgive Me music video. Sadly there is no forgiving Eric or his label for this blandness.


Grade: 5/10



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