Lady Gaga Finally Releases The Much Hyped “Applause,” It’s Just Okay

Lady Gaga has been on a rampage lately. Between her attacks on online bloggers, to her emotional outbursts when people hear samples of her newest track literally just a couple days before its released, (you no pay, you no listen!), to her ridiculously delusions of grandeur about how amazing an artist she is, she has basically become more pretentious than any hipster could ever dream to be. I also find it sort of hilarious that Gaga was so intimidated by Katy Perry’s Roar, that she leaked her new  song herself on the same day Katy’s track went on sale and then complained about it leaking. That bitch is thirsty as fuck!
With all that epic fuckery, one could literally forget the bitch even sings, as her insane persona overshadows her basic pop music. A week ago though, when a leaked demo from the upcoming ARTPOP hit the web titled Burqa aka Aura, I was extremely pleased. The song was interesting and great. Unfortunately it is not the first single from ARTPOP.
The actual first single, Applause, is a much safer track. It’s not particularly bad, but it’s also not particularly good. Heavily influenced by 80’s new wave and David Bowie, something that she has done before many times and has actually been totally off trend for nearly 4 years now, the song is slightly out-of-date and basic. The chorus is definitely the best part and the obvious reasoning behind choosing this as the lead single. It is a much stronger track than Born This Way was which is a pleasant surprise. Otherwise though, it’s a very safe, marginal track with limited replay value. Will I blast this on purpose? Probably not. Will I change the station if its on, leave the dance floor at a club when it plays, or put down my weights if it comes off shuffle at the gym? Nope.
Between the insanely good Burqa and the completely average Applause, I think it’s safe to predict FARTFLOP will be pretty uneven. But never lose faith until the album is actually out!
Grade: 6/10

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