The Wanted Continue Their Streak Of Crappiness With “We Own The Night”



British flop band The Wanted are back with a new single/video called We Own The Night, and it is shit.  It has been ages since these boys have slayed me. I used to be a hard core stan for these boys. I imported the super deluxe edition of Battlegrounds, and even purchased the deluxe US release with a t-shirt in girls size that I stretched to fit me. Well, no need to fit in it now!


We Own The Flop is a super basic dance track that never takes off. It’s too slow for clubs, but is still trying to be some sort of party track. It isn’t edgy and cool like Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop, nor is it fun like One Direction’s Best Song Ever. It’s in that middle ground of forgettable and mediocre. These boys have always been the more mature counterpart to One Direction’s immature fun concept. It typically works out for them, but they have obviously lost their way. Okay, we get it, you’re mature. But where are the big hooks? Where is the emotion? On vaca apparently.


The video for the song is also really basic. Now, even when I stanned for this group I was aware they made really bad music videos. Glad You Came was my shit times a million, but I HATED the video. Same with Lightning, Lose My Mind, and Chasing the Sun. Their videos always seem to be them hanging out with an occasionally under cooked but extremely corny plotline thrown in. This is no different. The boys are at a dive bar, playing pool, flirting with chicks. That’s basically it. Cheap.


Does anyone remember when I used to stan for The Wanted and said One Direction was trash? HA! Those days are long gone. These boys need a major make over. Walks Like Rihanna was so embarrassing I literally pretended I wasn’t a fan during that single era. Now they are so boring I have to only listen to their music when reviewing it. I hope these boys get back up there to the top as they are pretty attractive and are capable of making iconic pop music.


Grade:  4/10



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