Katy Perry Releases “Roar”; Remains As Marginal As Ever

Katy Perry is in love with taking whatever is trendy around her and making is as basic as possible. She did this with her entire last era for Teenage Dream. The album was basically a sugar coated version of Ke$ha’s much better Animal album. So now that Ke$ha isn’t popular anymore, what is basic-obsessed Katy to do? Well, copy Miley Cyrus and Sara Bareilles with new single Roar.
The track is a much blander version of Miley’s epic We Can’t Stop, with it’s slowed down tone and chill beat and vocal dilivery. A lot of people online are saying is sounds like something Sara Bareilles would release, (I stay as far away from her as I can), which sounds about right as like I stated already, Katy is kween of ripping off other artists sounds and then dumbing them down. There is really nothing special about the song. The chorus? It’s fine. The beat? It’ll do. The lyrical content? Sure, okay. It’s all very marginal.
I have no idea why I expected Katy to slay me. I guess with those 3 amazing video teasers, and the album title Prism, (which I love), I expected something darker and edgier, or at least something epic. Now we just sit and wait to see if Lady Gaga’s Applause is better, which at this rate won’t be a hard task for Gaga.
Grade: 4/10

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