2NE1 Pretend To Be Hipsters In “Do You Love Me”

I wish I could just consistently enjoy 2NE1. I Don’t Care, I Am The Best and Can’t Nobody are all instant classics I still spin all the time. Hate You, Ugly and I Love You are all so awful I couldn’t even stand I mention their names. Why is it so hard for YG’s biggest girl band to stay consistent with their tracks?
With their new single Do You Love Me, (their 3rd single in a row with the word ‘love’ in the title), they boarder on mediocrity. Their heavily panned reggae flop single Falling In Love slayed my life, (even though I was the only one who loved it apparently). I thought things were on the rise for the lost girl band, but it still may take some time to get back to where they need to be.
Do You Love Me has a really standard YG electro hip-hop beat. The chorus is pretty weak overall, as they just repeat the title over and over again. What in the world happened to this girl band? When did they get so generic?
The video on the other hand is not generic for a YG artist. It is complied of raw footage of the girls partying like hipsters. At least I was like, NO. Then I was kinda like, OKAY. It’s sort of fun watching them party. I want to be at those parties. I want to wear those clothes. I want to play with those apps. Sure, it’s not the glossy video I wanted, but it’s still pretty cool. CL looks insanely hot btw. That weave is werkin’ gorwl!
Grade: 6.5/10

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