Lady Gaga’s “Burqa”/”Aura” Is Painfully Good


After i spent a good 2 years detesting Lady Gaga due to how bad her cheap off Broadway garage band recording of the Rent Soundtrack Born This Way album was, I never expected to ever Stan for her ever again. I thought she had too much creative control and was too theatrical for the pop scene. So when a demo from ARTPOP titled Burqa aka Aura aka who the fuck knows the real title leaked online I was ready to LOL my ass off about how bad it was, but much to my shock, it slays everyone into a million pieces with its epic brilliance.
Following 2 major music trends that have been prominent all of 2013 thus far, EDM and disjointed musical productions lacking any classical pop structure, Slaydy Gaga has released the song Judas should have been. It starts out with a Kill Bill-esque spaghetti western style opening bit, before quickly turning into an insanely hot middle eastern influenced belly shaker, then again switching genre’s to a ZEDD style EDM track. The brilliance.
The lyrical content is typical brainless horror trash that Gaga always throws out. A section about murdering someone, a couple lines about sex, some nonsense about exposing her vagina heart to some guy. Embarrassingly the best lyric the song contains is the Halloween style “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” at the very beginning.
If this brilliance masterpiece is just a random demo hitting the web and not even a confirmed album track, just imagine how good Applause will be!
Grade: 9/10

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2 Responses to Lady Gaga’s “Burqa”/”Aura” Is Painfully Good

  1. weareegorich says:

    I absolutely love this, even as a demo. The final version is going to be amazing.

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