I Am Officially Obsessed With New J-Pop Girl Band FAKY



AVEX (home of J-pop icons such as Amuro Namie and Hamasaki Ayumi) has debuted a new girl band called FAKY, which apparently stands for both “Five Ass Kicking Youngsters” AND “FAntastic + toKYo”, (um okay then), with their debut single Better Without You.


The song is similar to AVEX label mate Namie’s recent track ALIVE and Swedish pop singer Alex Saidac’s Stay In This Moment. It is a thundering dance anthem undoubtedly penned by some middle aged Scandinavian guy inside a snow covered café in Stockholm while munching on kaffebröd.  I could see this track becoming a massive hit in Europe if translated completely into English. There is a tad bit of over singing toward the end, (it comes off as a bit noisy), but besides that I really have nothing to complain about here.


The music video for the song is where the major differences from typical J-idol’s come into play, with the group basically blowing me away with fierceness.  Though technically a J-Pop group, they look sort of like a mesh between early 4Minute and 2NE1 concepts, (think Muzik-meets-Fire era realness), with some Pussycat Dolls thrown in for good measure. The video throws in everything but the kitchen sink, so to speak. The girls walk a runway, they do a dance routine in a night club, they have a party on a bullet train, they strike sexy on a soundstage, all before hanging out with each other in random stairwell. It’s kind of a mess but in a good way with a lot of potential.


With some major success these girls could get the major polish they need, (just like 4Minute did between their messy Muzik and polished HUH era’s). With a bit a shine and more strong material like this, they can be an easy to market group in different countries around the globe. Here is hoping this doesn’t turn into a missed opportunity for AVEX!


Grade: 8/10



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