P9 Becomes My New Favorite Generic Boy Band (For This Week At Least)



Boy band from Brazil P9 has released a self titled album this week and I enjoyed it very much. I can honestly say I know very little about this flop boy band. They don’t even have a wikipedia page, and all the info I do have about them came straight off of their last.fm page, (all there is on the page is a 2 sentence bio that name drops other artists basically).


All that said, their self titled debut, (at least I presume it to be a debut), is loaded with glory. Sure, the tracks are totally generic and basically try and capitalize off of One Direction’s sound, but just like Spanish 1D wannabe group Auryn’s recent generic album, this album satisfies.


Expect big hooks, (granted not quite as big as 1D’s), and frothy pop beats on basically every track. Nothing here is creative, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s fun and throw away. I honestly hope it sells moderately well in Brazil so that they can continue to release music.


Grade: 6.5/10



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I love flop music and I am here to share that with you. My twitter is @ShayneOfficial
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