Mirror Mirror On The Wall, T-ara’s “Bikini” is the Most Embarrassing of Them All

In a [futile] effort to out do CCM label mate F-VE DOLLS, queens of pop T-ara have released their new digital single Bikini today featuring Divichi and rapper Skull. In short, it’s a hot mess.
The extremely overcrowded song which is produced by Duble Sidekick, (who also produced F-VE DOLLS Soulmate #1 released just a couple hours ago wtf CCM), is both too crowded vocally and production wise. Two girl bands fighting for lines on one track plus a rapper basically = next level cluster fuck. The production sounds like an even cheaper mash up of Sistar’s Loving U and The Police’s Every Breath You Take, (weird combo for a summer special track?). The vocal processing basically sound like the mastering step never took place and they just shipped it out to the online markets as a rough cut. It’s all very faceless-YouTube-cover ratchet.
The video also takes cheapness to new heights by basically being Heidi Montag’s Higher Part 2. 4 random chicks basically run around a beach while being filmed by a target clearance handheld camera. It’s all very Sistar’s Loving U minus the star power and budget.
I realize it’s a summer special single, (it’s August isn’t it getting a bit late to capitalize on summer?), so I shouldn’t complain, but this shit is just so ratchet. I guess CCM wanted to push 6-ara into the public’s views before their official debut, but this will inevitably flop and no one will care. Oye.
At least it is better than Girl’s Day’s newest digitally released trash Please Tell Me, (by just a tiny bit).
Grade 3/10

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