F(x) Impress With New Album “Pink Tape”



Like I mentioned in my review for Rum Pum Pum Pum, I have never been an f(x) fan. I find them to be one of the least interesting girl bands in Korea. They aren’t overly talented vocally (nobody in the group matches Sistar’s Hyorin in singing talent or Brown Eyed Girls Miyro in rapping ability), they aren’t overly great dancers (their routines are never mind blowingly intricate nor are they simplistically catchy), and their videos are always the same. They aren’t even interesting in a trashy way. I would also like to point out that I am technically a Sone. I love Girls Generation and find them to be one of my top 3 favorite Korean girl bands, (after T-ara and After School).


All that said, I honestly feel f(x)’s new full album Pink Tape is everything SNSD’s I Got A Boy album should have been: a truly interesting pop album. Pink Tape is full of complex and unorthodox pop compositions, making it fun to listen to nearly all the way through. In The review I wrote on my old blog about SNSD’s I Got A Boy album, (which is no longer up), I wrote that while the title track was extremely forward thinking, the rest of the album over compensated for that by being as uncreative and safe as it possibly could, (I am not a blind stan, I can admit when my favs suck).


Tracks like Snapshot and Shadow come across like more interesting version of SNSD’s similar sounding but blander Romantic Street and Maybe Baby, respectively. Fierce tracks like Kick, Step and Toy are all worthy of being title tracks for a potential repackage, with strong hooks and blazing dance beats in all 3 all while incorporating strange compositional elements into them. Toy’s unorthodox composition, (its basically verse-less), and Kick‘s intense trip-hop break down toward the end both delight me.


If SNSD’s I Got A Boy album had Incorporated interesting elements into it like Pink Tape does so well, it could have been one of the most solid pop albums in recent history. Unfortunately for them, f(x) has been given these tracks and are pushed toward the front of the pack. I will be actively paying attention to this group from now on, as I did when I first heard the interesting composition of NU ABO. I just hope this time around they don’t eventually let me down again.


Grade: 8.5/10


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