F-VE DOLLS “Soulmate #1” is FL-WLESS Trash



CCM and T-ara label mate girl band F-VE DOLLS, (formerly known as 5dolls, which were in turn formerly known as Co-Ed School), have released a total mess music video titled Flawless #1 Soulmate #1.


The song which is produced by CCM’s new fave producer Duble Sidekick, comes off like something T-ara and Dal Shabet did 2 years ago with its disco throw back sound. The song sounds like it’s been sitting on a shelf for 2 years and features a chorus where they sound like they are saying “fuck” over and over again in their amazing Engrish accents. It’s life changing.


The video is a hot mess in all the right ways. It rips off T-ara’s Roly Poly video in every way possible except 1000x cheaper, and carries a totally ridiculous plot line about how the girls are #1 on the Billboard charts, (I didn’t realize this was a disco themed fairy tale!). The intro shows them reacting to a newspaper article in flawless English, (she speaks clearer English than the white guy in the scene!), and then moves on to them on a rep carpet that just so happens to be in someones living room next to a mini bar. They move onto a movie set complete with a random police and then next door to a variety show like set where they do a very simple and trashy dance routine. It’s a flawless nonsensical cluster fuck basically.


When will your faves cheap throw away trash be so life alteringly amazing?


Grade: 8/10



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