#TBT: Koda Kumi Comes Up With The Greatest Video Plot Ever For “TABOO”

Queen of vaginal penetration Koda Kumi’ music video for glorious dance anthem TABOO will truly change your life.
The often faux lesbian pop singer has one-upped herself by coming up with a totally iconic LGBT(QAI, I can’t keep track of this term anymore) plotline for the video that goes with the TABOO theme. Basically in the video, miss penetration herself is seen going to a glossy Underworld-esque house party with her boyfriend. They really aren’t into each other the way the rest of the couples are, so Kuu-chan ventures off solo to see what’s up in this mansion. She has an orgy in the bathroom, and then gets caught by her man having a lesbian 3-way with two naughty girl scouts. Poor Kuu runs off to find her betrayed BF and explain, only to find he has made a new sexy friend with another fella. They give each other the appropriate “now we can be gay BFF’s!” looks and go on with their new partners, (not before Koda bursts into wicked dance routine).
Koda has dabbled in LGBT(QAILMNOP) topics before, but not to this developed extent. The plot is fun and scandalous, fairly progressive, and shows her at her best.
Kuu-chan has always had a really inconsistent career quality wise as she tries to be all things to all people, (Japanese Kelly Clarkson pop/rocker, slutty Xtina during Dirrty style dance diva, weepy Whitney ballads queen, creepy and age inappropriate Lazy Town 7 year old cutie girl), so it’s nice to see her slaying the competition with this release. I love it when I can stan for kween Kuukuu.
Grade: 9/10

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