F(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum Takes Risks On Song, But Not On Video

F(x) has never been one of my favorite girl bands in Korea. Actually, they typically sit toward the bottom of the pile in my mind. For a dance group I’ve never thought their dancing skills were in the slightest bit impressive, their music always smelled of left-over rubbish, their vocals never really stood out to me, and I am not a fan of their thrift store style. That said, I did enjoy NU ABO and Electric Shock for what they were.
Rum Pum Pum Pum is on the better side of their discography. The song is outside of the box and doesn’t stink of budget left overs for a change. It has a whaling guitar, marching band stomps, and whispery vocals that give it a bluesy edge all while still being a glossy pop number. It’s pretty fantastic. The Christmas carol like “rum Pum Pum Pum” section oddly works among the throwback 60’s style groove.
The video is same shit different colored set for f(x). Once again they are stuck in a box room doing a dance. I personally do not like the sets or fashion as much as their previous dancing-in-a-box video Electric Shock, (those plaid print uniforms are awful), but to be perfectly honest I prefer this over their el cheapo Hipstamatic shot “art film” they released before this.
Like always I am underwhelmed by this “dance group’s” dancing. It’s a bit messy at times and a bit lazy at other times. There are a couple memorable moves in the routine, but like always it’s pretty basic. A groups dance routine needs to go in 1 of 2 directions. It either has to be simple-yet-memorable, consisting of easy to copy moves, (T-ara are masters of this). Or is has to be extremely intricate with a high difficulty level. F(x) sort of fails at both of these styles, never quite being memorable or intense enough. I usually view it as a reflection of their lack of talent, (SM has no issue giving difficult dance routines to SNSD or SHINee), but perhaps it’s just SM mismanaging them.
This track paired with the surprisingly impressive album medley makes me think f(x) are finally being given material that could set them apart from the pack. So far, so good.
Grade: 7/10

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2 Responses to F(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum Takes Risks On Song, But Not On Video

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  2. tiktokcheekaboom says:

    Fx’s dances may not look intense, but I can reassure you that they are way more intricate than any other group’s dance. I initially thought their dances looked easy as well until I started learning different kpop dances, and now I can fully appreciate why they were named a ‘dance group’ – word of advice, just because a dance LOOKS hard/easy on stage doesn’t necessarily tell you much. Just because a dance has lots of wide arm/leg movements doesn’t mean it’s definitely intense, and just because a dance has more delicate movements doesn’t mean it’s easy. F(x)’s choreography is one of the most brilliant I’ve seen to date (on SHINee’s level and possibly above SNSD’s), so I urge you to really take a good look/dissect the movements and appreciate the brilliance of their choreography.

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