Enrique Iglesias Releases New Single, Is Not Affiliated With RedOne Or Pitbull, Everyone Wins



When I found out Enrique Iglesias was releasing a new single, I immediately became stricken with fear. “Oh no,” I thought to myself, “not another RedOne throw away track featuring a rap about Miami by Pitbull”. Luckily it’s not…. At least not exactly.


Turn The Night Up is actually produced by Cateracs, but honestly sounds like a 2011 RedOne production. If I had not read who produced it I would have never guessed it wasn’t RedOne. Parts of the track, such as the section where Enrique screams out “one love”, are highly reminiscent of his song I Like It. Also, while there is thankfully no Pitbull feature, (haters back off, I enjoy Pitbull but I’m tired of the same feature over and over), Enrique still does the Miami shout out over a house beat thing I was dreading.


While it’s all the same shit different day for Enrique, he benefits from the fact that the song is a very solid copy of his previous material, (and is better than Jennifer Lopez’s latest tired RedOne produced, Pitbull featured trash). The song is better than Enrique’s past few singles, with a sexier tone and a better break down.


This is not all that surprising though, as Enrique scored a big hit with I Like It. Cateracs are much cheaper than RedOne, and having no feature saves money. The music video is also cheaper than dirt. So he’s basically a budget artist following his own formula. Can’t really hate on that I suppose.


I’m not overly hopeful for this era after listening to Turn The Night Up especially if its his best song from the new album, but it’s at least generically enjoyable.


Grade: 6/10



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