#TBT: Former T.a.T.U. Member Julia Volkova Becomes Feminist Icon/Oprah 2.0 With New Video

Former T.a.T.u. member Julia Volkova has released her newest single and music video entitled Didn’t Wanna Do It this week, and sweet Jesus is this shit epic as all fuck.
The song itself is a life altering experience in kla$$y dance pop, with lesbian lyrics about hooking up with your friend’s BFF by accident because you were drunk off your ass. It is nothing short of sexually liberated and feminist. Just call Julia the Gloria Steinem meets Elizabeth Cady Stanton of 2012, and Didn’t Wanna Do It is her Woman Suffrage Movement.
The video is where things go from life changing to simply next level amazingness. The video plot consists mainly of the first lady of plastic surgery playing an Oprah/Dr Phil/Dr Drew hybrid except a million times for successful to a poor girl who just found out her scumbag boyfriend is cheating on her.
With positive reinforcement from Lady Julia, a brand new wardrobe of super slutty sexually liberated clothing, and enough booze and dirty dancing to make your heart skip a beat, Volkova transforms the young heartbroken lass into a dirty fucking whore feminist sexually liberated bi-curious goddess. Oh Julia you are really bringing a tear to my eye.
In the amazing unrated version, you get to see nip slips, thong straps, Julia simulating oral sex, Julia playing with her nipples, and a TOTAL OUTDOOR ORGY WHICH I HONESTLY THINK MIGHT BE REAL IDK OMG.
Consider me a Volkovah Witness after this. I am going to go door-to-door to preach the word every Saturday from now on.
Grade: 1000/10
Uncensored Version:

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