Cody Simpson’s “Pretty Brown Eyes” Is Too Flawless To Have Flopped

So Australia’s poor-mans knock off of Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, has released his new (mini?) album, Surfers Paradise.
The first single off the album which is called Pretty Brown Eyes is a flawless pop track. It packs a strong chorus and a rap breakdown by Oz’s new official Prime Minister of Pop Cody himself, (who needs to spend money on a feature when Simpsus can lay down such killer flow?). It’s all a bunch of Flo Rida/Pitbull/Wale realness and I am blown away.
I’ve always kept one eye on this kid, as I see the potential. For the most part, he’s consistently let me down. First debut single iYiYi was totally wrong for him, and his snoozy guitar balladry will not make him the next Ed Sheeran. For the most part his album is uneven, but I still see the potential.
So why did this glory flop harder than Lotus could ever? Well for one thing, I’m writing this so late as I didn’t even know it existed. I plow through music blogs like I’m some sort of Lifetime Original Movie sex addict and pop music news blogs are cheap hookers, yet I still somehow did not come across this track. Prime Minister Simpsus needs better promo stat. This shit should be at least middle charting and getting decent radio play on pop radio.
I would love to see Cody continue to do his own rap breakdowns in his tracks as well. His bubble gum talk/rapping slays every major hip-hop artists career.
Pretty Brown Eyes: 9/10
Surfers Paradise: 5/10

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