Candy Mafia’s “Cliché” is the Best Song You’re Not Listening To



Thai girl band Candy Mafia have always been criticized for “ripping off” other artists style. Their self titled debut was heavily panned by netizens for being a ratchet knock-off of 2NE1’s Fire. That doesn’t end with Cliché, their latest release. The video and song are both total rip off’s of other groups work.

The video is a blatant rip off of Girls Generation’s I Got A Boy, and the song itself could have easily been a 2NE1 or early 4minute jam.

The song is an exercise in throwing living giving shade. The girls sing about “being cliché” in their desire to party, but not even giving a 100th of 1 flying fucks about it. When your fave sings about going clubbing are they so blatantly real? Ididntthinkso.

The video is candy coated and sassy as fuck. The girls have extremely tight choreography, with an easy to follow routine you can learn yourself, (and trust me I have).

Between the endless hair flips, the drop-it-low dance moves and the girls chanting about not givin a fuk bout nuting, the song exudes life giving sass. Consider me a part of the mafia now.

Grade: 9/10



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