Luca Hänni Becomes The New King of Pop With New Album “Living The Dream”

German Idol (aka Deutschland sucht den Superstar) winner of the 2012 edition Luca Hänni has finally released his debut album of original material, Living The Dream, and it is spectacular.
Last years My Name Is Luca was made of half cover tracks that he performed on the show and half original songs (that are all pretty solid). His new album on the other hand is full of original material. It is current, it is catchy, and it is charismatic. Luca plays like a Justin Bieber at his most dance-poppy, bopping around with big hooks and Western European beats.
The main difference between JB and Luca’s music is that Luca is a bit more scandalous. (Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t singing about dripping vagina’s or meth or anything even along those lines). His lyrical content is a bit more blatantly sexual than his other teen idol counterparts. Tracks like fabulous lead single Shameless and Dirty Mind both have him singing about doing the nasty.
Elsewhere we find Luca dabbling is typical teen pop fare, but it’s all upper tier material. Both Hollywood Sky and Rooftop are tracks One Direction would be pleased to have, while Running comes off like a really good The Wanted single.
German Idol winners typically fade into obscurity really fast, (and with ratings falling fast that doesn’t seem likely to change). Hopefully Luca can remain noticed, and these tracks can be appreciated by an audience.
Grade: 8/10

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