Every Flaw In Turan’s Debut is Flawless

It’s an Engrish story as old as time:

“Once upon a time,

A pitty witch came toda town,

Won dea, she putta smell to bring out da Turan”

I cry every time.


So I have been a K-pop fan since I was a kid. I have seen every transformation that the genre has been through in the past decade and a half or so. Back around, 2001-2004ish, there was a kpop singer by the name of Shim Mina. She was super trashy and cheap but amazing at the same time. She played around with Bollywood and Middle Eastern beats, and incorporated them into her music. Rookie girl band Turan has stolen a long lost Shim Mina track on their debut Bang Bang Bang.

The extremely out-of-date yet still completely flawless track almost feels new again as it has been so long since Mina was releasing hit records. The song is not on trend currently, with its Middle Eastern inspired urban pop beat, but the chorus is catchy as fuck and the ethno-pop feel is slaying my soul.

The video is equally as embarrassing flawless. It features fashions from Forever 21, filming from a camera made 5 years ago, and set design from the sugar daddy’s home who financed this entire project. There is some odd plot line here about how the girls are magical baby sitters to some kid who apparently suffers from anthropophobia and keeps running away from her extremely large number of baby sitters. These cute teenage versions of Mary Poppins apparently appear after the little girl (who is home alone!?!?) plays with one of those cheap static ball lamps that were trendy in 1999.

The dance routine is surprising really good. I am not even being ironic for the sake of comedy here, it is a very solid dance routine. They are perfectly in sync, the moves are both exciting to watch and memorable, and their overall movements are fluid.

If this ethno-pop thing is Turan’s group concept, I am all for it. I hope their management keeps them around for at least a couple more single releases.



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