Blake McGrath Becomes Sexiest Indie Icon of All Time in “Heaven (Follow Me)”


Canadian singer Blake McGrath, (most famous for appearing on So You Think You Can Dance), is finally back after an extremely long hiatus with new single Heaven (Follow Me), and it slays.

Blake’s last couple singles were total duds. Forget About The World was something I was not here for. I honestly can’t even remember how the song sounded because I don’t want anything to do with it. The awkwardly titled When Love Shows Up (was it fashionably late or something?), was actually pretty amazing but made little impact sadly. I have been waiting for the king of flop pop to return to the Canadian music charts since his truly defining trashtastic anthem about shooting sperm, Relax, slayed everyone in Canada’s lives. His 2010 debut album Time To Move was an uneven but extremely enjoyable pop record, and I have stanned ever since.

Heaven (Follow Me) makes up for that FATW trash from last year. It is an epic if slightly on the generic side dance track, but in the best possible way. He’s hopped on that EDM-lite train and I am ok with what has come from it. The chorus is as big as his pecs and that creepy rosary tattoo of his.

The music video for Heaven is exactly what I wanted to see from King Slayke. He’s a fab dancer, and loves to play dress up. The dance routine is sharper than any other male pop tart out right now. He is dressed like an extra from a Ke$ha video who got fired for being to classy and smelling too good, complete with face paint and carefully chosen outfits that won’t hide the fact that he has abs. It’s got a trendy pro-equal love message, and includes a bunch of ages and races, so basically he’s on trend with being progressive. He’s also gotten that glossy indie-chic thing down. Slayke is now the official indie king.

I am officially excited for his upcoming album, Love Revolution (which is already a flawless title because it shares it’s name with the life changing Phixx song), and I hope to God it doesn’t get delayed over and over again like I expect it to. All of the songs he has previewed from the album, except FATW, are amazingly solid. Now excuse me while I put this track on repeat for the rest of the afternoon.

Grade: 8/10


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