ViViD’s Breathless Video & Album Redefine What Art Is



Best selling girl band of all time ViViD is back with their new album, “Breathless”, and it is inspirational in every way.


The title track Breast-less is one of the most amazing pieces of garbage to come out of kpop in a really long time. The auto-tuned genius is layered so heavily on the vocals that they all end up sounding like one flawless computerized angel from digital heaven.


The rest of the album follows suit, with one cheaply amazing auto-tuned track in a row until you get to the end. I am sure this will slay every chart in the world and they will become more popular than Adele + Gaga x a million.


The music video is the best part though. Starting out with an Instagram photo, it ventures from cheap ass local to cheap ass local, complete with outfits by Michael’s Arts & Crafts and a camera supplied by Walmart’s Black Friday Early Bird Special Sale. The no-budget beauties even give the middle finger to HD by only filming the clip in 720p. Not only that, but they are using every single trend, (auto-tune is so 2010, glowing outfits is so 2012), behind schedule and dey don giva fuk. They are truly inspirational rebels.


Grade: Obviously it’s 3275/10



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