Queen of Norway Tone Damli is Flawless in Cheap and Boring New Video


Tone Damli videos are usually pretty good. Scandinavia is not known for making video clips with any sort of quality behind them, (many artists don’t even make videos for their singles), but she in particular is usually pretty awesome.

Her latest single Winner Of A Losing Game is an extremely lush ballad, backed by Tone’s ever present sweet-but-surprisingly-powerful vocal performance. It packs an emotional punch, a strong chorus, a Carpenters-esque piano riff, and a glorious key change at the end. It’s not earth shatteringly original, but who the fuck cares about that? It’s awesome.

The video is boring and cheap. While not up to her usual visual glory, (her videos are Imagine and Look Back are both fantastic), Norway’s own living legend looks stunning as usual with her amazing hair and flawless Scandinavian bone structure. When will your faves ever make boring look so flawless?

Grade: 7/10


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