Eric Saade’s New Music Is So Bad That I’ve Reevaluated My Opinions Of His Old Albums

So before I get into just how awful Eric Saade’s new music is, let me just share with you how it has helped me see the error of my ways with his previous work.


Album 1, Masquerade
Original score: 7.5/10
New score: 8/10
My opinion of this album hasn’t shifted much because its pretty solid to begin with. “Manboy”, “Sleepless”, “It’s Gonna Rain” to name a few are all terribly amazingly awfully epically generically inspirationally crafted artistic trash. They are the types of songs you are too embarrassed to have your friends know you listen to, (well unless you’re 15, then that shit is just expected).


Album 2, Saade Vol. 1
Original score: 4/10
New score: 7/10
When I first listened to this album my reaction was basically like: “LOL LOL LOL WAT IZ DIZ MESS.” Okay, maybe I was quick to judge. I realize the genius of this album is equal to that of people in the forest believing and worshiping wood nymphs; (Sure you can’t actually see them and they probably don’t exist, but if you’re either uneducated or insane you’ll believe it anyway). Yes, that’s what the genius of this LP is like. If you’re insane/moronic enough, (which I am), you can almost hallucinate the non-existent greatness of it all.
I was initially underwhelmed by how could-have-been-clever ideas like “Killed By A Cop” and “Made Of Pop” were both dumbed down and under developed lyrically and stylistically. (Those were solid gimmicky ideas people!) Well compared to new Saade they are both iconic genius flawless anthems.


Album 3, Saade Vol. 2
Original score: 6/10
New score 8/10
When I first listened to this album my initial thought was, “wow! The generic filler on this album is so much better than on Vol. 1!” I didn’t like “Hotter Than Fire”, and thought the album was just good-enough. I have now come to realize its a masterpiece of generic garbage. Its like Eric himself went through ever recycling bin on earth to find the best of all the thrown away rubbish he could to make this a Greatest Hits of Basic Shit. With hot button topics that people actually want to hear about, (such as flawless bargain bin anthem “Backseat” which is about the emotional struggle of getting your girlfriend to agree to anal), the album is pretty much what he should still be doing. On a serious note, “Fingerprints” is actually an amazing song and the UK single edit of “Hotter Than Fire” made me like the track.

Now back to his new releases, unfortunately:


Saade has released a new EP called “Coming Home”, and a hand full of singles. He’s changed his sound from trashy dance diva to Justin Bieber knock-off by going more pop/R&B. The calculated move is smart commercially, (it branches him out past just the Swedish market for once), but stylistically it’s kind of embarrassing.

Unfortunately for Mr Saade, there are a million other JB wannabes out now, and he’s at the end of the food chain. If Cody Simpson is the Walmart Exclusive version of JB, and Austin Mahone is the K-Mart clearance rack version of Cody Simpson, and Greyson Chance is the flea market version of Austin Mahone, Eric falls somewhere near being the pirated-copy-with-packaging-from-your-home-PC-and-sold-on-the-street-corner-of-Mexico-City-next-to-a-becon-wrapped-hotdog-stand version of Greyson.

“Marching (In The Name Of Love)” is a hilarious attempt at sounding like knows you exist and wants to work with you. “Miss Unknown” is the type of ballad that JB heard 2 bars from and said “BHAAHAHAH NO” before passing out from too many drunken selfies. “Coming Home,” (while being a bit stronger than the other 2 tracks), is still a weak example of sounding current, and the rest of the EP are totally SAFE and uninspired JB rejects.

Saade had his own sound before. Sure, it was trashy and unsophisticated, but at least it was his. Now he’s a totally run-of-the-mill flopstar who is scared to death about placing one toe outside the safety lines.

In all fairness, it’s mainly his half-assed PR team that is fucking up his career. And nothing he’s doing is as bad as his “What’s Up!!” boyband days. Oh, and at least he’s trying, (unlike Danny Saucedo who is basically ruining his legacy by becoming unfocused on music and only focused on showing how trendy he is through instigram selfies).

Grade: 2/10


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