Sergey Lazarev Makes “21” Look Like a Flop By Releasing The Best Album Of All Time


(Let us all appreciate the class and sophistication of Czar SerGOD for a second.)

Czar of Russia SerGOD Lazarus Christ has released his new  artistically titled album “Sergey.” this week and it’s better than anything you could have ever expected.

Following the formula he perfected with his former best-album-of-all-time, “Electric Touch,” the new dictator of the Former Soviet Union has taken it one step farther by ditching any and all ballads in favor of a non-stop party album. (When will Adele?)

The themes of the album range from timeless emotional topics like getting naked and fucking, (Russian National Anthem “Take It Off”), to heart wrenching themes like getting so blackout wasted that you fuck anyone, (“Stubblin”), to tears-in-my-eyes emotion like fucking some girl who already has a boyfriend at a cheap motel without any sort of guilt, (“Keep Your Mouth Shut”).

There are some Russian language versions of English tracks toward the end, but they are all pretty solid. Czar Sergey has done it again.

The lone “ballad” on the album, “Warrior”, is also an awesome pop ballad that could have been flawless on any number of boy bands debuts within the last 2 years. His pop-rock track “7 Wonders” is also a stunningly catchy track that any boyband would kill for.

I suggest you all get well acquainted with this talented kla$$y legend. Vladimir Putin is planning to step down from his position of power after listening to this timeless album.



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