Serebro Become Hipster Icons in Their “Malo Tebya” Video

The 3 most sexually liberated feminist icons in all of Russia, (also known as Serebro), have released the music video for their new single Malo Tebya today, and it slayed my life.

The video is both equal parts pretentiously artsy in a hipster way and the total skanky trash we have both come to expect and love from Serebro. They have nipslips, bare buns, and almost-male nudity, and tons of random insertions into their mouths with things like milk. They walk around outside in their panties, they lay on beds with their legs spread open, they rip clothes off a male model, they cream themselves with milk, they bend over outdoors; IT’S ICONIC!

This video is different from their last few in that it actually has a budget AND has more of a somber tone, (kind of). They spend most of the video doing nonsensical shit like rubbing sugar on their face, eating chocolate, shaving the male models head, stepping on cherries, oh and looking hot. Look for some ~ARTISTIC~ girl-on-girl action here, and one INSANELY HIPSTER scene where cats slow-mo fall from the sky while one member jumps around in her underwear.



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