Priyanka Chopra’s J.Lo Impersonation is better than J.Lo Herself

Bollywood legend Priyanka Chopra, (I used to watch her on AZN TV all the time when I was in middle school and was really fucking excited when I found out she got a record deal in the states), has released the music video to her glorious new single Exotic.

The song is basically a rip off of the last 8 Jennifer Lopez singles, (you can thank RedOne and a Pitbull feature for that), but it still out does anything Jennifer has done in recent history. Instead of J.Lo’s constant use of Latin samples, this features a Bollywood sample over RedOne’s typical eurotrash beats. I personally like the sample in this better than the Latin samples as I am a sucker for anything Bollywood related.

The video is exactly what I was both expecting and hoping for: a sexy, wind machine obsessed, wet hair flipping, smoky, booty shaking in skimpy outfits, choreographed dream with occasional scenes of her strutting in insanely high heels for good measure. The video prominently features Pitbull, which is ok I guess. But the real reason to watch this is for Priyanka. She looks stunning in every scene and you can barely take your eyes off of her.

The video itself is also a mashup of previous J.Lo videos. The sparkly outfit she wears is similar to the one Jennifer wore in On The Floor. The beach location is similar to J.Lo’s Live It Up. But Priyanka is so charismatic that she pulls it off without most people noticing.



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