Namie Amuro’s New Album “Feel” is Probably the Best Album of 2013


So the queen of J-Pop Amuro Namie has released her new album Feel, and it is AMAZING. The album is an artistic shift for pop diva, dabbling in EDM, reggae, and various other genres we haven’t heard from her before.

The album’s EDM driven tracks, such as Alive and Heaven, are pretty damn good. Alive, the albums opener, is moody and euphoric. It has a raver-high-on-ecstasy feel to it. Heaven on the other hand which is produced by Zedd, is more of a pop tune with strong EDM influence. Rainbow has a Nintendo first generation Gameboy sound to it, and Can You Feel This Love has an early m-flo sound.

Parts of the album return to previous incarnations of Namie, such a Big Boys Cry’s Queen Of Hip-Pop era sound and Contrails’s Play era sound. Hands On Me, Poison and Supernatural Love are all very contemporary and fresh, while La La La could have easily been a Rihanna song at her peak.

The lone ballad on the album, Let Me Let You Go, is sung is terrible English. But besides that misstep, the song is very lush. The album closer, Stardust In My Eyes, is a drum and bass song that has a really strong hook.

Namie has really outdone herself with this album. It is basically the most fresh and sleek sounding pop album of the year. She can officially go on hiatus with a sense of pride.



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