Johnny Ruffo Breaks My Heart With New Bad Single “Untouchable”



I am a Johnny Ruffo stan, so I was dying when he said he was releasing a new single (FINALLY!). But its actually really bad and I am dying inside. 

The song is basically just that typical Prince-meets-Michael-Jackson reinterpreted by Justin Timberlake/Chris Brown/Robin Thicke shit I hate. Totally typical these days for every male artist to go down this road. Sigh.


The video on the other hand is probably his best. Although the dancing in a suit thing is so JT in the worst possible way, the dance routine is tight and he looks good. There is some nice lighting in the video as well. It’s a pretty bland but decent video. The sets are very kpop which is cool.


I hope his next effort is a step back to his previous sound, or perhaps a really awesome boy-bandy ballad.

Johnny is still a flawless Australian piece of beef though and your argument is irrelevant. King Johnny will return to me in full form again next time.






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2 Responses to Johnny Ruffo Breaks My Heart With New Bad Single “Untouchable”

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