How My Experience Listening to Loreen is Different in 2013 than it was in 2011/2012



So recently Swedish Eurovision champ Loreen re-packaged her album (barely) with one new flop track called “We Got The Power” added in. At first I was like, no thanks, until I decided to try it out again for some random reason.

I was not a fan of hers. I didn’t like “My Heart Is Refusing Me”, (original version or the single edit), I didn’t like “Sober”, and I absolutely detested “Euphoria”.

While I still feel the same about those songs, I have discovered that I actually love a number of her songs off her debut album “Heal”. Her balladry is 2nd to none, with her haunting vocals and overdosed-on-ecstasy tone. Many of the tracks such as the title track “Heal”, the haunting “Do We Even Matter”, and the charging “Sidewalk” all pack a serious punch.

“Crying Out Your Name” and “In My Head” are her best upbeat tracks as well. It’s a shame she released those crappy cheapo-beats-from-a-kit-on-reverbnation tracks like “Euphoria” as singles when there are some seriously amazing songs on this album. I am officially a fan now Loreen, awesome job.


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