Girls Generation’s New Album Has Destroyed More Lives Than That Mayan 2012 Apocalypse Thing


(I wrote this last year).

So flawless girl band Girls Generation have returned with their 2nd Japanese album, the awfully named “Girls & Peace”, and the results have caused a few issues in the world that nobody saw coming.

Track 1, “Flower Power”, was such a disjointed masterpiece that once Madonna heard it she decided to check into an old folks home and is currently playing bingo with Cher and Diana Ross.

Track 2 on the album, “Animal”, is so amazing that when Ke$ha heard it she immediately deleted the auto-tune app on her iPhone 4S as she knows her dance music is now obsolete.

Track 3, “I’m A Diamond”, has made poor Rihanna turn to a life of instigram selfie porn because her entire discography is now irrelevant.

The 5th track, ballad “Stay Girls”, has caused Beyonce to quit music and pursue a partnership with her mother Miss Tina to open up their own thrift shop to try and hawk their cheap tacky House Of Dereon collection.

“T.O.P.” the 6th track was so life changing that now poor Britney Spears is currently getting her kids ready for take-your-kids-to-work-day at her new job, the Cheetos factory.

“All My Love Is For You”, the albums 9th song, was so wonderfully sung that now Xtina has turned to a life of tricks in the back of the Taco Bell in downtown Hollywood.

“Paparazzi”, the albums 10th track, made Lady Gaga go hide in one of her egg shells, which accidentally got cooked into an omelette du fromage in Paris. (RIP Gaga you will be sort of remembered).

Okay, so now that the world has forever changed because of SNSD, we can now embrace the glory as a civilization.



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