Britney Spears “Ooh La La” Video Review

Britney is back with her video for her Smurfs 2 song Ooh La La, and much like the song itself, it’s a charming dud.


Ooh La La as a song is pretty bland. It comes off like a reject Dr Luke couldn’t sell off during the Femme Fatale recording sessions. The song never builds enough, and the chorus is pretty forgettable.


The video on the other hand is all kinds of cute. Britney is hamming it up by pretending to be shocked and excited in her CGI green screened world. Her kids look genuinely engaged, and (besides being insanely cheap for obviously reasons), the video pretty much pimps out the song exactly the way it should. Although, I do find it odd that the video basically gives away the entire plot of the film. Perhaps because its a kids movie??




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