Serebro Release Amazing New Single “Ne nado boljnee”

The worlds currently greatest (non-Asian) girl band Serebro has released the audio for a new single titled “Ne nado boljnee” and just like all of their releases, it’s amazing. I was going to wait until the video dropped to review it, but I will just write a follow up post when it debuts as I love this track enough to write about it twice. Much like last years ICONIC “Malo Tebya”, this song starts out kind of slow and moody before turning into an electro smash. It would seem the girls have abandoned their old formula of being as trashy and campy as they possibly can and adopted a new sleeker and moodier concept. While I do miss crass like “Sexy Ass”, this song is good enough for me to not miss the old Serebro too much. I hope the video keeps with their typical shtick for shock value, (their last video glamorized rape and domestic violence against women). Only time will tell!

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7 Times Orange Caramel Proved To Be The Most Uniquely Awesome Act Alive Vol. 1

Pop girl bands typically take one one of a very few available forms and stick with it in hopes of one day becoming successful, or keeping success they’ve been lucky enough to achieve. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good manufactured soulless act, but I can no longer ignore the unique and quirky genius of Orange Caramel. OC basically invented the now normalized “sub-unit” trend as they are just 3 members from a larger girl band called After School. After School while also iconic, generally take on the typical sexy girl band persona which tends to blend them into the sea of groups releasing pop globally. Orange Caramel on the other hand take an inventive approach, deciding to dress up as mermaid sushi rolls or iconic video game characters instead of your typical seductresses. From their look to their dance moves to even their song selections, nothing about OC3 is generic. Let’s take a look at my likely first of many iconic moments lists ( in random nonsensical order in honor of OC), where my life was changed by these quirky queens:

4. The time they told the heart breaking story of how mermaids feel when being auctioned off at sushi bars in “Catallena”:

2. Double dutching on stage while dressed as Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Disney’s Frozen for no reason in the middle of summer (seriously):

6. Their extremely iconic “Lipstick” music video about a soap opera table tennis love triangle (Twilight who?):

3. This strange Wonder Woman inspired fuckery:

1.  That time they dressed up as Chun-Li from Street Fighter and knocked the competition out:

7. The music video for “My Copycat” which is a giant interactive puzzle game:

5. This McDonalds inspired performance where they dress up as French fries while Big Macs dance behind them:

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T-ara Finally Release “Sugar Free” Remix Album and I’m Officially Bald

Legend-ara teased a remix album for their truly iconic and ground breaking anthem “Sugar Free” a few weeks ago but randomly postponed the release without and further information. It was truly a dark period for humanity, with fans of the 6 angels of Asia wandering the inter-webs for any information they could get their hands on like shipwreck survivor searching for signs of land. The 6 stages of grief after knowing the remix album wasn’t appearing online on September 15th was all too real, but now all depression has been miraculously cured worldwide thanks to the album appearing on iTunes last night! It was worth the torment and long wait.

The album is full of EDM smashes unlike anything South Korea has ever heard before. No other girlband in K-pop is even attempting this sort of next level artistry. The album features an English version that is ground breaking. Okay, so it’s probably not really sung by them, and the English lyrics sound like they copy and pasted the Korean lyrics into Google translate and pushed the “listen” button to hear Siri phonetically repeat the new translations back to them, but it’s iconic. I am here for lazy-ara picking up some drunken tourists from Oklahoma to record their vocals for them. This is the no-fucks-given type of attitude that makes me love T-ara even more than I thought possible. We have popstars writing and recording albums over a long stressful and costly periods of time only to have T-ara take a nap while a robot translates their lyrical content and have it be effortlessly superior to everything released this year! Queens of pop still making the haters mad!

Witness their new club video and English remix below:

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José Galisteo’s “I Believe In You” is Awesome

Spanish singer José Galisteo hasn’t really been on my radar since he released the dance pop smash “Beautiful Life” in 2010, (I seriously still love that song so much omg), so I had kind of forgotten about him over the years. As dance pop faded for more urban inspired beats, I didn’t expect much from him in terms of genre consistency, but instead of bandwagoning whatever is most trendy right now, he has released a full blown EDM smash titled “I Believe In You.”

The song is really fun and catchy. I’ve always loved ESL phonetic singing, and this delivers exactly what I want. His super thick accent is still intact and stronger than ever. Personally, I am totally fine with him staying with electronic music for obvious reasons. We have enough pop stars jumping on the mid-tempo urban bandwagon, so it’s nice to have some working to keep the electro genre alive.

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Time to Check in on Hilary Duff’s Comeback

Before going into Hilary Duff’s latest single releases, I would like to just state for the record “Dignity” is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. I really didn’t need a new Hilary Duff comeback as that album was so good it will easily last me the rest of my life, but I totally welcome a return from Queen HD. Obviously pop has changed since that album dropped, so a new sound is crucial for Disney Channel’s classiest legend. She has chosen to pick up a folksier version of her original pop/rock sound and I am very pleased with it.

Buzz track “Chasing The Sun” got a ton of hate online, and I can see why, but I loved it. It serves me Starbucks pumpkin spice latte teas with it’s folk/pop sound and bubble gum harmony. The cheap video is even low-key cute. Sure, it plays out like a crappy Katherine Heigl rom-com, but I like it as much as I possibly can all things considered.

Official first single “All About You” on the other hand is an unappreciated smash. I live for the country twang and PG-13 lyrical content. For Hilary, this is edgy. The video is just as cheap as the CTS video, but it’s a bit better. There is a dance routine in it, (if you can even call it that), where Hilary serves Britney Spears on Good Morning America vibes with her non-bendable knees and lack of stage presence. Her hair is a mess and the lighting is not the greatest. I would call it a total success! So glad for these cheap “Play With Fire” era feels! I cannot wait for the new album to finally drop so HD can official save pop music!

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Girls Generation Sub-Unit TTS Release “Holler”

As a sone on the verge of turning hater, (“Twinkle” was a mess and “Mr Mr” destroyed my ear drums), I wasn’t expecting anything from this new TTS comeback. I expected it to be some throw away crap with a cheesy chorus, but it’s actually really awesome and their best single since “I Got A Boy.” The track sort of reminds me of something the Spice Girls would have released in 1996, except sleeker and less quirky. It’s really fun and catchy, so I am very pleased.

The video is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Eleganza extravaganza! The sets are so detailed they look like an actual scouted location rather than a typical SME box on a sound stage. They sparkle and shimmer with each location more luxurious than the last. This video is basically candy for your eyes. I am very impressed with how gorgeous this video is. This is definitely their “Womanizer” after the cheap, tacky and poorly edited “Mr Mr” video, (their “Gimme More”). Job well done!

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The King Of Pop M. Pokora Has Blessed Us With A New Teaser For Comeback Album “R.E.D.”

You all have no idea how long I have been waiting for M. Pokora to make a comeback. Like, I am literally writing this post about a teaser. There is not even a song release yet. Anyway, he’s been wasting time on whatever the French equivalent of Broadway is performing for his Robin Hood musical and performing sold out shows for his triple platinum album from a few years ago. I swear this man is everything. Anyhow, he has blesses us with a new teaser for a new album titled “R.E.D.” and it has potential. I’m not sure if this is the first single from the album, or if it is just an audio preview of things to come. Also unsure if the first single will be also titled “R.E.D.” but honestly who cares! Expect a ton of hardcore MP stanning coming over the next couple months! My king is back!

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