DJ Tiësto & MOTi’s “Blow Your Mind” Blew My Mind

So I typically only write about trashy pop music but today I feel like bringing you something else I’ve been obsessed with. DJ Tiësto & MOTi’s “Blow Your Mind.” This track was premiered during Tiësto’s Ultra Miami set a few months back and has still not seen a formal release, but I sure hope it gets one. The track is bonkers amazing. I can only imagine how it felt to hear this track live for the first time!

There are two main sections to this intense track: One part of the track has a trappy, ethno, Diplo-esque flare to it. It sounds as if Indiana Jones, (played by Will Smith), broke into a Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s crypt only to find out King Tut was a bomb ass DJ and Queen Nefertiti invented twerk teams. The ‘Mumbai qualifies for the World Cup’ realness of this section is pretty amazing stuff.

Oh, but that’s not all! The other half of the song is rave-y and intense. It sounds as if Liu Kang and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat got trapped in The Matrix and the only way for them to escape is to play a life-or-death round of Dance Dance Revolution on the super duper wayyyy extra hard setting. It’s kind of impossible for me not to throw out my neck from overly dramatic headbanging to this section.

I honestly cannot believe this song hasn’t gotten an official release yet. Was the initial reception bad or something? I can’t imagine high as fuck festival goers leaving Ultra in a mixed state of exhaustion and dehydration and saying, “I really hope that horrible Tiësto & MOTi song never hits BeatPort.” What are these DJ’s waiting for? Release the damn thing already!

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Let’s All Listen To Pavel Sokolov’s Beautiful “Above Only Sky”

Picture of Павел Соколов

Russian singer Pavel Sokolov has released a single titled “Above Only Sky” and it’s the kind of lush and sexy Europop I live for. It’s not the typical booming track I typically post on this site, but rather a more subtle and mature dance pop track featuring some seductive strings and jazzy horns. The track has a sort of Euro-fied Michael Bolton-esque quality to it and I can’t get enough!

Sokolov, who serves Thor realness in the album artwork for this single, has also released a video for the track. The music video for the song is basically just a collection of grainy, poorly lit handheld camera scenes of him singing the song in some sort of lounge. Not really something to write home about, but it’s better than nothing!

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South African Boyband NRG Impress With “Roulette”

So I have tried to do a bit of background checking on this South African boyband. It seems like they were formed in 2011 and released a self titled album as a four piece, before losing a member and becoming the trio they are now. They just released a second album titled “Roulette,” which I downloaded on a whim. I also downloaded a few other albums with this one, but expected the others to be much better than this. I was shocked to find this album was solid from beginning to end!

I am not familiar with South Africa’s pop music scene, but I rarely see postings about pop musicians from the country and basically assume it’s pretty small. NRG didn’t even release a music video for the albums first single, also titled “Roulette,” which is a shame because the song is awesome.

The album, like many small budget overseas pop albums, has it’s share of flaws. For one, there are A LOT of covers on the album. I let it slide for the most part though as most covers aren’t well known, but rather remakes of songs that appeared on other international pop singers LP’s, such as their version of Swedish singer Sanna Nielsen’s song “Trouble” from her latest album “7.” The only cover that I don’t approve of is their “Wrecking Ball” cover. I’m just nitpicking at this point though. I am fully enjoying this album!

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Fifth Harmony Become The Nation’s Girlband With “BO$$”

Fifth Harmony have been on my radar but I have never really fully stanned for the X Factor rejects because I am hesitant to stan for an American made-on-TV girl band. Danity Kane was a huge thorn in my side back in the day, and has left a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to these sort of things. I liked a few tracks on their EP, but not until the release of the game changing “BO$$” have I fully become a FH mega fan!

“BO$$” is an empowering anthem for women everywhere with it’s materialistic independent message, ultimately making Fifth Harmony the feminist icons of 2014. “BO$$” has made former classics like “No Scrubs” irrelevant forever! TLC-ya-later! I am currently burning my Destiny’s Child CD’s to make room for Fifth Harmony’s sure-the-be flaw free discography. Queens!

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Anton Ewald & Medina’s Duet “It Could Be Something” Is Something Alright

Everyone’s favorite off-key Melodifestivalen contestant Anton Edwald has released the music video for this duet with Denmark’s crowned anorexic cougar queen Medina titled “It Could Be Something,” and in true Anton form it’s a mess. The track isn’t a mess, it’s actually pretty good. Not exactly revolutionary, but solid enough to where I cannot complain. It’s sexy and sleek.


The video on the other hand is cheap and bland. Medina, who is pretty much know for her taste in jail batey boys, seems to not have any chemistry with Anton. Surprising as he seems like her type. Perhaps her teen boyfriend was on set glaring at the two not to get too close. The video is also poorly shot and framed, and pretty cliche overall. I guess as long as I enjoy the song I can’t complain too much though.


Watch the video here.

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Alcazar Returns With “Good Lovin”, Causes World Peace In The Process

 Everyone knows Alcazar are one of my all time favorite groups. Their super gay, super glittery, super campy style just speaks to me in the way soggy ballads about getting dumped sung by Adele resonate with seemingly the rest of the world. Why live in such misery when you have have a sparkly disco party? Anyhow, Sweden’s greatest group since ABBA, (yes I am skipping Ace of Base sorry y’all), has released a new single titled “Good Lovin” and it slays.


I don’t have a ton to say about the track as it’s quality speaks for itself. It’s the type of song only Alcazar would/could release. A disco dance pop song about love. “Blame It On The Disco” is still one of my favorite songs of 2014, and this is the perfect follow up. I am so glad there is a place for this type of campy cheese.



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K-Flop Group Scarlet Are The New Queens Of Quality

Cheap and tacky rookie group Scarlet have released their 2nd single “Hip Song” (subtle title), in the midst of larger girl bands making major comebacks such as f(x) and FIESTAR, so it would be safe to assume they will get overlooked completely. Whereas f(x)’s “Red Light” is one of those noisy genre-bender songs you either think is the second artistic coming of Mozart, or you think it’s total try-hard trash, and FIESTAR’s “One More” has a generic but enjoyable quality to it, the forgotten Scarlet song is basically song of the century.


Okay, the music video looks like it cost about as much as Heidi Montag’s entire videography combined, but here as Flopstar Blog we ONLY focus on the talent, and there is a lot of talent to go around. Sure, the term “talent” might be undefinable in this situation, but the song is iconic. It’s got a 90’s EDM beat and processed vocals making it a europop/k-pop cross over masterpiece. Their debut single “Do Better” was also pretty amazing. I bopped to that track at the gym for a solid week, (a week is a long ass time in the disposable pop world). Scarlet are the true upcoming megastar sexy icons the world has been waiting for!



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